Planning a house clearance

House cutaway

Planning a house clearance might seem unnecessary but once you start you might find that it’ll take longer than you’d expected.

Setting aside time to do it exclusively can be important. Sometimes other family members or business partners might need to be at the property and decisions need to be reached together. Being together when you’re sorting through things can often save a lot of time in the long run.

The Traffic Light System

This simple but effective way to organise items is to get some post-it notes or stickers in 3 colours: red (keep), amber (not sure), green (for clearance).

Stick these on the relevant items. This means that items you need to keep will be easy for you or anyone else to remove and relocate. Often, particularly in the case of the deceased, there will be items that fall into the “not sure” category and you might need to discuss these with other family members. As a general rule, if there are still amber items left over after the sorting, it’s probably wise to hold on to these until later. You don’t want to dispose of something that you might regret later or find out that they were important to other family members.

This might seem a little obvious but we do get queries from past customers asking us if there’s the possibility of recovering items we’ve cleared. Sadly the answer is no: once it’s gone, it’s gone!

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