What we do with items from a property clearance.

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When we clear a property most of our customers are glad of the convenience of our service and are not concerned about the final destination of the items we take. We do understand however, that the matter is a serious concern so we are transparent about what we do after we’ve left your property. For reference and your peace of mind, here’s a brief summary of what you can expect us to do.

General waste

This could be what you’d normally throw in the bin. We have a full carrier’s licence which allows us to dispose of this at areas designated by the local authority.

Toxic waste

Again this is disposed of in the correct manner.


Normally this would be taken to the local tip under licence. Generally the aim is to recycle wherever possible. However, there may be some items that we can use. If that’s the case then we will make you an offer which could then reduce our overall cost of the clearance.

White goods and other electrical/electronic items

Fridges and washing machine etc need to be disposed of according to WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) regulations which came into force on1st January 2014. There are specific guidelines in place for these items and we follow them rigorously. Of course, we will find a way to recycle them if possible but this isn’t always possible due to the hazardous substances that can be found in some items.

Ornaments and household objects

These are recycled wherever possible. If there’s something we can use then we’ll let you know which could reduce your costs.


We’ve discussed elsewhere the importance of looking after documents and paperwork, so we assume that anything we find in a clearance is to be disposed of. We make sure that paperwork is disposed of accordingly.


We aim to recycle as much as we can but if it’s not possible we dispose of items in a responsible manner. If you have any question about anything that’s not covered here then please feel free to write or call at the numbers below. As part of our service it’s essential that you’re happy that what we’ll do with your items is to your satisfaction and complies with all legislation.


JB House Clearances – working responsibly for you and our community.

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