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Bereavement Clearances

As a family-run business we know how difficult bereavement can be and we are also aware of important it is to be as helpful and sympathetic as possible during such a trying time.

During this period it is easy to become overwhelmed by what needs doing, and things can be overlooked – either physical such as family photos, or practical such as disconnection of power and notifying the relevant suppliers. We’re here to help.

Going through a loved one’s property isn’t easy and many people prefer to avoid this if at all possible. However, we have often found that this approach can lead to items of sentimental or even monetary value being unwittingly discarded. We’ve often helped avoid this. By tasking us with removing possessions, we always make sure we’re thorough. Any official paperwork we find will be passed on to you – often these can be important when settling a will or other family concerns.

If we see items that may be of interest to us – you can, if you wish, use their value to offset the overall cost of our work. Many families find this a useful way to ease the financial burdens which come at a time such as this. We will of course let you know beforehand.

All in all, you can be sure that we’re here to help.

Illustration of Penistone landscape with J&B Clearance van in the foreground