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Illustration of Penistone with J&B Clearance van in the foreground

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we’ve collected some of the most common things people ask us. But please don’t feel that you can’t ask us something that isn’t here. Everyone’s circumstances are different and we’re here to help – so please call without worrying that you might be asking a “stupid question”.

1 Do you recycle?
Yes – anything that can be recycled will be.

2 Do you remove old vehicles?
Yes. We also have the relevant license.

3 Are you insured?
Yes, we have full public liability insurance.

4 There are some things we’d like to keep. What do we do?
If you can’t get to the property before on on the day we start work, we can arrange to store it for you. Normally we strongly advise that by the time we arrive that anything you want to keep has removed to avoid confusion.

5 Are you authorised to remove waste?
Yes. We have waste carrier’s licence. Details are available on request.

6 Do you remove toxic or hazardous waste?
Yes, we have the facility to do this.

7 Do you carry out health and safety checks?
Risk assessments and method statements can be prepared before we start a job and provided on request.
This will detail any potential issues and show we would deal with them.

8 Do you work over the weekend?

9 Do you offer a removal service?
No. We empty properties dispose of all items accordingly. We do not relocate anything.

10 Do you offer a valuation service for either the property or contents?
No. We only specialise in removing items.

11 Do you really remove of EVERYTHING?
Yes. If we are employed to clear a property then we do just that! This will all be covered in the quote.

12 Are there any additional charges?
No. Our quote will cover all our costs (including parking if necessary) – so you won’t get any nasty surprises.

13 Can you remove building materials/rubble etc?

14 Do you provide a cleaning service?
We leave the property empty and tidy. This includes basic cleaning such as vacuuming, If you would like the property to be spotless for, say, immediate letting or sale we can arrange for this to be done. Please ask us for more details when talking to us about a quote.

Illustration of Penistone landscape with J&B Clearance van in the foreground