Cancelling junk or other mail is actually possible…

Junk Mail Illustration

The passing of a loved one is always a stressful time and taking care of their affairs may take some time. Inevitably there will be mail arriving that is legitimate and you will need to contact the relevant people or companies directly.

However, the arrival of unwanted mail is often a problem. It can serve as a painful reminder of recent events and also, left unattended it may be useful to fraudsters intent on identity theft.

Fortunately there are organisations that can help prevent unwanted mail. The services are free and all you have to do is register.

Below are some useful links which we hope you’ll find useful. (Please note that these links will take you to other sites and we have no control or influence over their content.)
Registering with The Deceased Preference Service is one of the quickest and easiest ways to ensure unwanted mail addressed to the deceased is stopped. It also ensures that the risk of identity theft is reduced giving double peace of mind. Any individual registering the death of a family member or friend can use the service or a solicitor or other professional organisation representing the bereaved.” (Text quoted from the website.)
By registering with our free service, the names and addresses of the deceased are removed from mailing lists, stopping most advertising mail within as little as six weeks.” (Text quoted from the website.)
The MPS Consumer File is a list of names and addresses of consumers who have told us they wish to limit the amount of direct mail they receive. The use of the Consumer File by list-owners and users is a requirement of the British Code of Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing administered by the Advertising Standards Authority. It is also a condition under the Code of Practice of the Direct Marketing Association.” (Text quoted from the website.)


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