Have you really taken away everything you want to keep..?

Urn on fireplace

During a recent house clearance near Barnsley we spotted an item on the mantlepiece which we suspected might have some sentimental value…

Naturally we rang the owners straight away: “Everything’s going fine but there’s an item we’re not sure about on the mantlepiece. It looks like an —”

We didn’t even get chance to finish the sentence: “Oh, that’s Grandad! Don’t throw him out!”

Later that day Grandad was reunited with his family.

On a more serious note, it’s easy to overlook things. If you’re clearing a house, particularly after a bereavement which is a very stressful time, please leave time to double-check things. Returning a day or two after you think you’ve finished, you might find items that have been forgotten in the blur of recent events.


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